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"Jedi believe in the force. Aspire to the Tenets and The Journey. Help others through compassion and selflessness. While maintaining a calm, peaceful and professional composure through knowledge and training."


Just Jedi is a private place of Study, developed, owned, and admined by "The Keeper." While we respect and encourage the development and progress of the overall "Jedi Community" we are not associated with or connected by any other Jedi order, Temple, Church, Federation, Group or Project save our own interpretations of what it is to be a Jedi.


Within these halls you will find materials that are individually based and are not universaly agreed upon view points or subjects of study. Meaning, the beliefs presented in all materials here belong solely to the author themselves and are not the end all base all for the way of Jedi. Some of our viewers may find a likeness in what they find here...some may not. We are not here to dictate what other's should believe, meerly here to share our own to those seeking knowledge.   



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